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Gyratory or Vibratory motion is the most effective method for transmission and screening. It results into 100% rotary motion and also causes diffusion stirring & stratification of material to be put through a sieve. Material of Gyro Screen constantly flows in Horizontal motion by the side of a loop pattern on Vibro screen surface.

Gyro Screen

Our Vibro Screen (Gyro Screen) are one of the most all-around, trustworthy and cost-effective with permanent process equipment in order to carry out various size-based divisions like, screening, sifting, classification, grading…

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Vibro Screen

Gayatri Vibro Screen is manufacturing wide range of Vibro Screen or Gyro Screen or Gyratory screen that are the spherical screens operating with special Vibro Motor imparting vibration in multiple direction to the screen…

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Vibro Sifter

Vibro sifters are also known as protected screeners, vibrating shifters, vibro sieves, check screeners or control sieves which are been widely used in order to double-check the approved product quality of powders...

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Business Area

From the time of its commencement, Gayatri Vibro Screen has remained a pioneer manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Vibro Screen Machine and Gyro Screen Machine. We offer products with wide range in the manufacture of Vibro Screen, Vibro Sifter, Gyro Screen, Vibro Grader, Siever and Vibro Filters in India Ahmedabad.

Plastic and Polymer

Spices Industries

Food & flour industries


Dairy Industry

Minerals & Metals


Food & flour industries

Soap and Detergent

All Vibro Grader are available at a wide range of all sides of holes and slotted screens of any size as per requirements of customers.

Ceramic Industries

Vibro Screen Separator is known as a vibratory screening device that vibrates about its core-position of accumulation.

Starch and Glucose

vibration and accomplished by peculiar weights on the upper and lower ends of the motion-generator shaft.