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Gyro Screen

Gyro ScreenOur Vibro Screen (Gyro Screen) are one of the most all-around, trustworthy and cost-effective with permanent process equipment in order to carry out various size-based divisions like, screening, sifting, classification, grading, oversize or undersize removal, de-dusting, de-watering, de-lumping, fiber recovery, filtration, pre-filtration and scalping.

Gyro Screens are also known as Vibratory or Gyratory Sieving Machine which is been specifically designed on the conviction of gyratory motion generated by vibro motor. The machine carry out in the least size-based division with the frequent use of wire mesh or punch a hole in sheet and can also work for various application of solid to solid separation or solid-liquid separation or slurry separation.

The other name of Vibro screen is known as Gyro Screen, Vibro Screening Machine, Screener, Vibrator, Sifter, Grader, Classifier, Separator as well as Sorter or Filter which are available as per the requirement of customers.

Gyratory or Vibratory motion is the most effective method for transmission and screening. It results into 100% rotary motion and also causes diffusion stirring & stratification of material to be put through a sieve. Material of Gyro Screen constantly flows in Horizontal motion by the side of a loop pattern on Vibro screen surface. Gayatri Vibro Screen or Gyro Screen provides optimum screening and give assurance of maximum feed-rate & good organization.

At Gayatri, The Gyro Screens/Vibro Screens works on the principle of the gyratory motion, as a result it is called Gyro Screen. It is also called circular vibrating screen. Vibratory or Gyratory motion is the well-organized method for screening. All our Gyro (Vibro) screen are determined by out of the ordinary type of vertically mounted with vibrating electric motor, having an eccentric at the upper & lower end of the shaft.

Model Motor Dia inMM/in A B C D E F G H I
GVS-24 0.50 600 400 530 640 780 880 150 275 450-530 625
GVS-30 0.50 6760(30") 400 580 730 825 1110 150 300 530-610 780
GVS-36 1.0 900(36") 525 720 830 880 1300 150 350 560-640 925
GVS-48 2.00 1220(48") 600 790 945 1105 1780 250 400 825-925 1240
GVS-60 3.00 1510(60") 625 850 1030 1220 2080 300 450 1020-1120 1535
GVS-72 5.00 1800(72") 650 885 1065 1250 2480 300 450 1200-1300 1835

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