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vibro ScreenGayatri Vibro Screen is manufacturing wide range of Vibro Screen or Gyro Screen or Gyratory screen that are the spherical screens operating with special Vibro Motor imparting vibration in multiple direction to the screen assembly in India Ahmedabad.

It is specified with Fully-accomplished machine consisting of Vibration generating base which domicile the Vibro Motor and Screening Assembly with wire mesh or perforated /slotted sheet. The Vibro Screen material provided on the screen travels on top of the screen that repeatedly passes through the screen depending upon its particle dimension as well as nature.

At Gayatri, Our Vibro Screens are premeditated in order to perform effective and competent size based separation in foul-mouthed as well as fine sizes. Vibro Screens use wire-mesh or punch a hole in or slotted sheets to carry out all the separation of material on basis of size.

Vibro Screens are well-designed on the standard of Gyratory Motion and are one of the most versatile and universally acceptable machines working from corner to corner to all the spectrum of industries. Vibro Screens can also carry out various functions together with transmission of any powder or granules, sifting and grading or arrangement, removal of oversize or foreign material before packing your finished product, undersize or chips or dust removal from powder as well as granules, solid liquid separation including filtration) and removal from slurry, syrup or oils from liquid stream.

Our leading company Gayatri Vibro Screen covers all-embracing business industries in manufacture of Vibro Screen like Plastic and Polymer, Food & flour industries, Minerals & Metals, Pharmaceuticals/Herbal, Plastic and Polymer, Food & flour industries, Minerals & Metals, Pharmaceuticals/Herbal, Spices Industries, Re-factories and Abrasives, Ceramic Industries, Starch and Glucose, Dairy Industry, Pesticides and Insecticides and Soap and Detergent thereof.

Vibro screen is a standard product and dedicate all business areas to Vibro screens, even though offers Vibro screens considering with an immense variety of applications and configurations. According to the specific function it is assigned to do, Vibro screens are also differently known as Vibro, Gyro, Gyro Screen, Sieve, Sifter, Separator, Screener, Filter, Pre-Filter or in some industry as Grader, Classifier etc. In order to meet various customer needs and duties, Gayatri Vibro Screen offers Vibro screens and Gyro Screens in various product series with different product specification.

Model Motor Dia inMM/in A B C D E F G H I
GVS-24 0.50 600 400 530 640 780 880 150 275 450-530 625
GVS-30 0.50 6760(30") 400 580 730 825 1110 150 300 530-610 780
GVS-36 1.0 900(36") 525 720 830 880 1300 150 350 560-640 925
GVS-48 2.00 1220(48") 600 790 945 1105 1780 250 400 825-925 1240
GVS-60 3.00 1510(60") 625 850 1030 1220 2080 300 450 1020-1120 1535
GVS-72 5.00 1800(72") 650 885 1065 1250 2480 300 450 1200-1300 1835

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